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Rohde & Schwarz ESU8 EMI Test Receiver

The R&S® ESU is a family of CISPR 16-1-1-compliant EMI test receivers that meet all civil and military standards for electromagnetic disturbance measurements.

PMM (Narda) 9010F EMC/EMI Receiver

PMM (Narda) 9010F CISPR 16-1-1 and MIL-STD-461 Compliant EMC/EMI Receiver

Rohde & Schwarz ESCI EMI Test Receiver

For compliance tests meeting all civil standards from 9 kHz to 3/7 GHz

Rohde & Schwarz ESIB26 EMI Test Receiver

Each R&S® ESIB combines the high sensitivity, large dynamic range and selectivity of a high-end EMI test receiver with the flexibility and speed of a top-class spectrum analyzer.

Keysight N9038A MXE EMI Receiver

3 Hz to 3.6, 8.4, 26.5, and 44 GHz

PMM (Narda) 7010 EMI Test Receiver

The 7010 EMI Receiver is an easy-to-use device suitable for conducted and radiated measurements from 9 kHz up to 3 GHz.

Rohde & Schwarz ESR7 EMI Test Receiver

input 1, AC coupled: 10 MHz to 7 GHz
input 1, DC coupled: 9 kHz to 7 GHz
input 2, DC coupled: 9 kHz to 1 GHz

Rohde & Schwarz ESRP3 EMI Test Receiver

EMI Test Receiver for CISPR 16-1-1

Com-Power AT-812 Antenna Tripod

Com-Power AT series antenna tripods are a great choice for EMC testing. They are made of non reflective nylon and wood material.

Com-Power CLA-150 Absorbing Clamp

The absorbing clamp CLA-150 was designed for EMC emissions measurement of from electrical instruments via their connecting leads. It has a 32-mm cable aperture.

Com-Power LI-350 LISN

10 kHz–400 MHz, 5 microhenry / 50 Amps

Com-Power PAM-103 Preamplifier

The Com-Power model PAM-103 Preamplifier (1MHz to 1GHz) is intended for improving measurement system sensitivity during EMC compliance testing.

A.H. Systems PAM-0118P Preamplifier

This high gain preamplifier has a rugged performance over a wide operating frequency range. The added protection of the one watt limiter is an ideal solution when testing in high fields, 20MHz to 18GHz.

Com-Power LI-325 LISN

10 kHz–400 MHz, 5 microhenry / 25 Amps

Teseq BTP 6010 Antenna Tripod

Tripod for RSG 1000 and RSG 3000

A.H. Systems AEH-511 Azimuth & Elevation Head

Used to assist the test engineer in pointing the mounted test antenna towards the device under test.

Com-Power LI-4100 LISN

10 kHz–10 MHz, 50 microhenry / 100 Amps

Com-Power PAM-840A Preamplifier

The Com-Power PAM-840A is a wideband, high gain, bench top microwave preamplifier; 18GHz to 40GHz.

Teseq FT 801 Ferrit Tube EM Decoupling Clamp

150 kHz–1 GHz, 35 mm Cable Diameter

Teseq LNA 6000 Preamplifier

The Teseq LNA 6000 is a low noise amplifier with 12.5 dB of gain covering the nominal frequency range 1 MHz to 3 GHz and can be used in the range from 200 kHz to 4 GHz. With its high gain and low noise figure, it will significantly increase the sensitivity of virtually all spectrum analyzers and other RF measuring instruments.

Com-Power LI-550C LISN

100 kHz–08 MHz

Fischer F-120-1 Bulk Current Injection Probe

The Fischer Custom Communications FCC F-120-1 Bulk Current Injection Probe has been designed to extend the use of conducted immunity testing over the bandwidth of 10 kHz – 175 MHz