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Visual Fault Locators

Visual fault locators (VFL), also known as visual fault identifiers (VFI), consist of a visible red laser that is designed to inject visible light energy into fiber. The red light allows technicians to visually spot defects due to the red light escaping through any sharp bends, breaks, faulty connectors, or any other faults.

Visual fault locators/visual fault identifiers are essential tools for locating a large number of defects that occur at connection points in and around fiber cabinets that are considered hidden to an OTDR.

Avalon Test Equipment carries a variety of VFLs/VFIs to meet your testing requirements.

Rent or purchase from Avalon and Test With Confidence®.

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ODM® VIS 400-HDP Fiber Inspection Scope

ODM® (Optical Design Manufacturing) VIS 400-HDP Fiber Inspection Scope allows technicians to inspect and grade fiber endfaces quickly and accurately by delivering the most detailed image possible.

ODM® VIS 500 Wireless Fiber Inspection Scope

Fiber Inspection Scope With APC Tips

EXFO FLS-140 Visual Fault Locator

Highly efficient pocket-size visual fault locator - the ideal complementary tool for any fiber-testing technician.

ODM® VF 610 Visual Fault Locator

The VF 610 is a high output visible laser designed to locate and identify faults in fiber optic cables. This red laser is also useful when identifying breaks in jumper cables, patch panels and other cable splice areas.

VIAVI Solutions Fiber Troubleshooting Kit

OMK Wireless ContractorPro Package