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Switchgear | Circuit Breaker Testing

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Megger S1-1068 Insulation Resistance Tester

10 kV High Performance Diagnostic Insulation Tester

SPI225 Smart Primary Injection Test System

The Megger SPI225 is a high current primary injection test system for all forms of high current testing required in a substation, including testing overcurrent relays, circuit breakers, motor overloads and current transformers.

Megger TM1600 Circuit Breaker Analyzer

The Megger TM1600 circuit breaker analyzer measures a circuit breaker’s timing cycle. The timing channels record closings and openings of main contacts, resistor contacts and auxiliary contacts. Since the timing channels are not interconnected, you can take measurements of resistor contacts and series-connected breaker chambers without having to disconnect them.

Megger CB-845 Circuit Breaker Test Set

The Megger CB-845 circuit breaker test set consists of a control unit that incorporates the latest in solid-state metering, control technology and a high-current output unit. The lightweight, two-section design of the CB-845 enables the user to easily transport the unit into areas previously inaccessible to high-current test equipment such as elevated or subsurface load centers, shipboard power panels, elevator machinery rooms and other isolated locations.