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Shielded Enclosures

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Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Enclosure

The Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Enclosure is a custom RF shielding solution that is modifiable to meet virtually any size requirement – from a workstation to an aircraft hangar. EMC Raymond works directly with you to deliver a room design that meets your precise needs and conforms with industry specifications.

Raymond EMC QuietShield™ TEMPEST

The Raymond EMC QuietShield™ TEMPEST allows secure processing by containing electromagnetic emissions within the enclosure.

Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Hybrid

The Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Hybrid has a dual function. It delivers TEMPEST secure processing capability in addition to secure speech capability.

Raymond EMC QuietStation™

The Raymond EMC QuietStation™ provides all the benefits of their shielded enclosures in a compact and maneuverable package. This shielding solution is ideal for customers with limited space or who require mobility.

Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Screen

The Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Screen is a QuietShield™ Enclosure constructed with copper screen shielding. The screen allows sound and air to penetrate for an open-feeling room that delivers limited attenuation between internal and external environments.

ETS-Lindgren Model-T/T Tabletop Test Enclosure

Model T/T 12" x 12" x 12" Copper Box w/ Ports & C