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Shielded Cabinets

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Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Cab

Raymond EMC’s fully customizable QuietShield™ CAB is the perfect shielding solution for customers who need to integrate rack-mounted “consumer off of the shelf” (COTS) equipment into a shielded environment. The QuietShield™ CAB arrives at your site fully tested to client specifications.

Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Box

Raymond EMC designed QuietShield™ Box to test hand-held wireless devices such as pagers and cell phones. This product typically provides 80 dB of RF shielding attenuation between 1 MHz and 10 GHz. It is small and easy to use, making it the ideal solution for troubleshooting.

Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Box HP

Raymond EMC’s QuietShield™ Box High Performance (HP) provides all the benefits of QuietShield™ Box with the added features of galvanized steel construction and RF isolation of 100 dB.

Raymond EMC QuietShield™ Box Clear

The RF-attenuating, transparent walls of the QuietShield™ Box Clear isolate outside noise and simplify product viewing during demonstrations.