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Source Meters

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Keysight B2911A Precision Source/Measure Unit

1 ch, 10 fA, 210 V, 3 A DC/10.5 A Pulse

Keithley 2410 SourceMeter

Designed specifically for test applications that demand tightly coupled sourcing and measurement. All SourceMeter models provide precision voltage and current sourcing as well as measurement capabilities. Each SourceMeter instrument is both a highly stable DC power source and a true instrument-grade multimeter. The power source characteristics include low noise, precision, and readback.

Keithley 2460 SourceMeter

High Current SourceMeter® brings advanced Touch, Test, Invent® technology right to your fingertips.

Keithley 2611B Single-Channel SourceMeter

Series 2600B SourceMeter® SMU instruments are the industry’s most powerful, fastest, and highest resolution SMU instruments and are now easier than ever to use with USB connectivity, Model 2400 software emulation, and built-in web browser based software.

Keysight B2901A Precision Source/Measure Unit

1 ch, 100 fA, 210 V, 3 A DC/10.5 A Pulse

Keithley 2420-C High-Current SourceMeter

60V/3A/60W SourceMeter SMU Instrument w/Contact Check

Keysight B2912A Precision Source/Measure Unit

2 ch, 10 fA, 210 V, 3 A DC/10.5 A Pulse

Keithley SMU 2651A Series High Power SourceMeter®

Source or sink up to ±40V and ±50A

Keithley 2425 SourceMeter ® SMU Instrument

Source Measure Units - SMUs Digital Sourcemeter 100 WATT

Keithley 6430 Sub-femtoamp Remote SourceMeter® SMU Instrument

>1016W input resistance on voltage measurements

Keithley 2461 SourceMeter ® SMU Instrument

Wide coverage up to 105 V/7 A DC 100 W, 100 V/10 A Pulse 1000 W max

Keithley 2612B Dual-Channel System SourceMeter

2600B series dual channel system SourceMeter® (SMU) instrument (0.1fA, 10A pulse). It is an industry leading current/voltage source and measure solutions.

Keithley 2430 SourceMeter® SMU Instrument

1kW Pulse Mode SourceMeter 100V, 10A

Keithley 2440 SourceMeter

SMU family provides precision voltage and current sourcing and measurement capabilities, 40V, 5A, 50W

Keithley 2614B System SourceMeter® Instrument

10A pulse to 0.1fA and 200V to 100nV

Keysight B2902A Precision Source/Measure Unit

2 channels, 100 fA, 210 V, 3 A DC/10.5 A Pulse

Keithley 2450 SourceMeter® SMU Instrument

V-Ranges: 20 mV – 200 V, I-Ranges: 10 nA – 1 A