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MIL-STD-461 RS105

RS105 is a test standard under the radiated susceptibility subcategory of MIL-STD-461. in relation to a transient electromagnetic field or electromagnetic pulse (EMP). This standard applies to Army aircraft for safety-critical equipment and subsystems located externally to a non-metallic shielded platform or facility.

Under the test standard of MIL-STD-461 RS105, the equipment under test (EUT) is exposed to an EMP waveform and must not show any signs of performance degradation, malfunction, or deviation from specified indications above the equipment's specific tolerances. For proper standard testing, the EUT must be exposed to at least five pulses of no more than one pulse per minute.

MIL-STD-461 RS105 covers different variations of EMP. The first being, nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP), which are magnetic fields caused by nuclear explosions. High altitude nuclear electromagnetic pulses (HEMP) is a particular test that needs to be performed at a higher amplitude for applications such as aircraft subsystem and component development. Lastly, there are non-nuclear electromagnetic pulses (NNEMP) that apply to manmade (through technology) EMPs.

Test equipment needed for RS105 requirements:

  • Transverse electromagnetic (TEM) cell, parallel plate transmission line, or equivalent
  • Transient pulse generator, monopulse output, plus and minus polarity
  • Storage oscilloscope, 700 MHz, single-shot bandwidth (minimum), variable sampling rate up to 1 Giga sample per second (GSa/s)
  • Terminal protection devices e. High-voltage probe, 1 GHz bandwidth (minimum)
  • B-dot sensor probe
  • D-dot sensor probe
  • LISNs
  • Integrator, time constant ten times the overall pulse width

Avalon Test Equipment carries test equipment available to rent that meets RS105 standards and other MIL-STD-461 test standards so you can Test With Confidence®.

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Rohde & Schwarz RTO2024 Oscilloscope

2 GHz bandwidth, 4 Channels

Rohde & Schwarz RTE1104 Oscilloscope

1 GHz, 4 Channels, 5 GS/s

Rohde & Schwarz RTE1154 Oscilloscope

1.5 GHz, 4 Channels, 5 GS/s

Rohde & Schwarz RTE1204 Oscilloscope

2 GHz, 4 Channels, 5 GS/s

Rohde & Schwarz RTM3004 Oscilloscope

100 MHz–1 GHz, 4 Channels

Rohde & Schwarz RTP134 High-Performance Oscilloscope

13 GHz (2 channels) / 8 GHz (4 channels)

Rohde & Schwarz RTP164 High-Performance Oscilloscope

16 GHz (2 channels) / 8 GHz (4 channels)

Teseq GTEM 250 Test Cell

Test Cell complete with door and fan. 50W max. RF input. Outer dimensions 1.25x0.65x0.45m. Door size 0.20x0.13m. Max. EUT size 0.20x0.20x0.15m.

Teseq GTEM 500 Test Cell

The GTEM 500 has a maximum septum height of 500 mm and is suitable for emissions and immunity testing.