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Teseq NSG 4070B Conducted and Radiated Immunity Test System

The Teseq NSG 4070B Test System for Conducted and Radiated Immunity is a multi-functional device for carrying out EMC immunity tests with a frequency range of 9KHz to 1GHz.

Teseq NSG 4070C-80 Compact Immunity Test System

With integrated power amplifier 80 W module 150 kHz–230 MHz

Teseq NSG 4060 Low Frequency Immunity Test System

The Teseq NSG 4060 is an EMC immunity test system for the frequency range of 15 Hz - 150 kHz

Teseq NSG 4070C-45 Compact Immunity Test System

Compact immunity test system NSG 4070C, 4 kHz–1 GHz RF generator and power meter (with integrated power amplifier 45 W module 9 kHz–1 GHz)

EM Test CWS 500N3 Test Generator

Key applications of the CWS 500N3 are in the automotive and aerospace area. Various international standards and MIL requirements call for magnetic field tests in the low frequency range. Apart from this the automotive industry requires conducted immunity tests with superposed sinusoidal signals on the DC supply voltage (ripple noise). For both applications the CWS 500N3 is the perfect equipment including everything in a single box, necessary for these tests. The CWS 500N3 meets requirements of SAE J1113-2, ISO 11452-8, DO 160D/E Section 18 and MIL-STD-461 D/E/F/G CS101, CS109 and RS101.

Com-Power RS101 Loop Antenna Set

Antenna Set for MIL-STD-461 RS101 Calibration & Test

Teseq MFO-6502 Magnetic Field Generator

Automatic Power Line Frequency Magnetic Field

A.H. Systems SAS-574 Double Ridge Guide Horn Antenna

The A.H. Systems Double Ridged Guide Horn is a broadband antenna that offers excellent performance over the frequency range of 18GHz to 40GHz. High gain, low VSWR, input handling capability up to 10 watts CW and rugged design make this horn antenna excellent for both immunity and emissions testing.

Teseq NSG 3040-IEC Multifunction Burst Generator

Teseq’s new NSG 3040 is an easy-to-use multifunction generator that simulates electromagnetic interference effects for immunity testing in conformity with international, national and manufacturers’ standards including the latest IEC/EN standards.

A.H. Systems AEH-511 Azimuth & Elevation Head

Used to assist the test engineer in pointing the mounted test antenna towards the device under test.

Com-Power AT-812 Antenna Tripod

Com-Power AT series antenna tripods are a great choice for EMC testing. They are made of non reflective nylon and wood material.

EM Test CWS 500N1.4 Test Generator

RF Conducted Immunity Test System

Teseq ITS 6006 Radiated Immunity Test System for IEC 61000-4-3

Integrated signal generator 80 MHz to 6 GHz

IFI SMC750 Solid State Amplifier

80 MHz to 1 GHz RF Amplifier

Com-Power PC-114 EMC Pre-Compliance Emissions Test System

9 KHz - 1 GHz. Perform Radiated & Conducted EMI pre-compliance testing at your facility up to 1 GHz.

A.H. Systems AK-2G Antenna Kit

FCC, MIL-STD, VDE and TEMPEST Testing up to 2 GHz

A.H. Systems SAS-560 Passive Loop Antenna

This Loop sensor is built for MIL-STD-461 low-frequency magnetic field testing. 20Hz-2MHz

A.H. Systems SAS-571 Double Ridge Guide Horn Antenna

700MHz to 18GHz. High gain, low VSWR, input handling capability up to 300 watts CW, and rugged design make this horn antenna excellent for both immunity and emissions testing.

A.H. Systems SAS-550-2 Active Directional Antenna

Provides superior performance in electric field measurements. 100 Hz to 60 MHz

A.H. Systems SAS-510-2 Log Periodic Antenna

A compact, lightweight antenna that has been designed to ensure maximum gain, low VSWR and with high power handling capabilities.