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PIM Hunting Training

External PIM issues are a significant problem for mobile operators. Verizon 700 MHz sites, AT&T FirstNet sites, and T-Mobile 600 MHz sites all require special attention to meet performance objectives.

Avalon Test Equipment and ConcealFab offer training courses to teach wireless professionals how to precisely locate and mitigate external PIM at a cell site. Learn how to hunt PIM down to the inch!

As you are probably aware, AT&T is in the process of changing how external PIM hunts are conducted on B14/B17 cell sites. New 2-Port PIM test equipment is being introduced to split the PIM test signals between the B14 and B17 antennas on a sector. This better simulates actual site conditions and will help focus mitigation efforts on the PIM sources with the highest service impact. Avalon and ConcealFab offer this new training requirement for 2-port PIM testing.

Who Should Attend? These classes are designed to teach installation contractors and troubleshooting experts the skills needed to perform external PIM identification on cell sites. The classes also benefit anyone involved with external PIM including maintenance engineers, design engineers, optimization engineers, project managers, etc.

Prerequisite: Students must complete external PIM hunting training and certification prior to attending the 2-port PIM testing class.

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AT&T CPRI PIM Hunting & Rooftop Antenna Location Testing

Prerequisite: Students must complete the AT&T External PIM Hunting certification course (Combined 1-port & 2-port PIM Hunting using a PIM analyzer) before attending this advanced course. *Cost based on meeting minimum number of course enrollment.