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Narda STS

Narda is a leading supplier of measuring equipment in the EMF / EME Safety, RF Test & Measurement, and EMC sectors. The EMF Safety product spectrum includes wideband and frequency-selective measuring devices and monitors for wide area coverage or which can be worn on the body for personal safety. The RF Test & Measurement sector covers analyzers and instruments for measuring and identifying radio sources. Under the PMM brand, Narda offers instruments for determining the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of devices. The range of services includes servicing, calibration, and training programs. The company management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and it operates a DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited calibration laboratory.

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Narda-STS NBM-550 Logging Broadband Field Meter

The Narda-STS NBM-550 Logging Broadband Field Meter is the most accurate non-ionizing radiation survey system available. It performs electric and magnetic field measurements from RF to microwave. Both flat response probes and probes shaped to international standards are available.

Narda-STS EA 5091 E-Field Probe, Shaped FCC

Narda-STS EA 5091 Probe: E-Field, shaped FCC, 300kHz to 50GHz, 0.5 to 600% of FCC Occupational/Controlled limits for NBM-series meters.

Narda-STS HF 3061 H-Field Probe, Flat

Narda-STS HF3061 Probe: H-Field, flat, 300kHz to 30MHz, 0.017 to 16A/m

Narda-STS SRM-3006 Selective Radiation Meter

Narda-STS SRM-3006 is a second generation, hand-held system for performing narrowband analysis of electromagnetic fields. It has the ability to give results of individual emitters and also generate a total of all emitters.

Narda-STS EF6091 E-Field Probe, Flat

Narda-STS EF6091 Probe: E-Field, flat, 100MHz to 60GHz, 0.7 to 300V/m

Narda-STS NBM-520 Broadband Field Meter

Narda-STS NBM-520 is the most accurate non-ionizing radiation survey system available. It provides broad frequency coverage of electric and magnetic fields.

Narda-STS HF0191 H-Field Probe, Flat

Narda-STS HF0191 Probe: H-Field, flat, 27MHz to 1GHz, 0.026 to 16A/m

Narda-STS EHP-200A Electric & Magnetic Field Analyzer

Narda-STS EHP-200A features built-in spectrum analysis of E- and H-field intensity vs frequency from 9kHz to 30MHz.

Narda-STS EF0392 E-Field Probe, Flat

Narda EF0391 Probe: E-Field, flat, 100kHz to 3GHz, 0.2 to 320V/m

Narda-STS EB 5091 E-Field Probe, Shaped IEEE

Narda-STS EB 5091 Probe: E-Field, shaped IEEE, 3MHz to 50GHz, 0.5 to 600% of IEEE, C95.1-2005 for People in Controlled Environments. For use with NBM-series meters.

Narda-STS NIM-511 Electric and Magnetic Field Meter

The Narda Industrial Meter NIM is a complete measuring system with combined E and H field probe for simultaneous measurement of electric and magnetic fields on equipment operating at ISM frequencies. NIM-511, calibrated at the 13.56 MHz ISM frequency, covers a wide frequency range of industrial equipment. The device was specially developed for measurements on industrial equipment e.g. for high frequency welding, glass coating, semiconductor production, RF induction ovens, plasma generators or dielectric heating and drying systems.

PMM (Narda) 7010 EMI Test Receiver

The 7010 EMI Receiver is an easy-to-use device suitable for conducted and radiated measurements from 9 kHz up to 3 GHz.

Narda-STS EF 0691 E-Field Probe, Flat

100 kHz–6 GHz, 0.35 to 650V/m

Narda-STS EF5091 E-Field Probe, Flat

Narda EF5091 Probe: E-Field, flat, 300MHz to 50GHz, 8 to 614V/m

Narda-STS ELT-400 Exposure Level Tester

Narda-STS ELT-400 evaluates magnetic radiation exposure in the workplace and in public spaces.

Narda-STS ED 5091 E-Field Probe, Shaped ICNIR

Narda-STS ED5091 Probe: E-Field, shaped ICNIRP, 300kHz to 50GHz, 0.5 to 600% of ICNIRP Recommendations for Occupational Exposures. For use with NBM-series meters.

Narda-STS EC 5091 E-Field Probe, Shaped SC6 Canada

Narda-STS EC 5091 Probe: E-Field, shaped SC6 Canada, 300kHz to 50GHz, 0.5 to 600% of Safety Code 6 for People in Controlled Environments. For use with NBM-series meters.

PMM (Narda) 9010F EMC/EMI Receiver

PMM (Narda) 9010F CISPR 16-1-1 and MIL-STD-461 Compliant EMC/EMI Receiver

Narda-STS 369BNF RF Load

175W, 0.7-18GHz. N(f)

Narda-STS NIM-513 Probe

2400/513 | 10 MHz to 42 MHz

Narda-STS Magnetometer HP-01

Magnetometer for measurement and analysis of static and time-variable magnetic fields

Narda-STS 745-69 Step Attenuator

Perform efficient signal conditioning and effective level control with the Narda 745-69 step attenuator.

Narda RadMan 2XT

Affordable RF Exposimeter RadMan 2LT and RadMan 2XT Radiation Monitors are warning devices for the protection of people who work in areas where increased levels of electromagnetic radiation are present. Electromagnetic Energy/Electromagnetic Fields (EME/EMF). Broadcasting, telecommunications and radar antennas are sources of strong electromagnetic fields. The device is worn on the body and warns its user in good time before the permitted limit values are exceeded.

Narda SignalShark Handheld 40 MHz Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

The lab in your hand. If you need to quickly detect and reliably localize hidden, sporadic or brief interference signals on the move within the more and more tightly packed frequency bands, you need the SignalShark. This device, with its handy format, is capable of dealing with today’s complex measurement and analysis tasks reliably and quickly to the same standard as laboratory instruments.

Narda FieldMan All-in-one EMF Meter, 0-90GHz

Narda FieldMan - The smart solution for EMF measurements up to 90 GHz Wide measurement range from 0 Hz (DC) to 90 GHz Digital probe interface: no calibration of the measuring device required, only the probe is calibrated Anti-glare, brilliant color display with automatic brightness adjustment can easily be read even in poor lighting conditions or intense sunlight Sensors measure temperature, air humidity, pressure and height above ground Rapid data transmission using various interfaces