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ISO 11452

ISO 11452 is a test standard developed by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) concerning component test methods for electrical disturbances in road vehicles. The purpose of this standard is to give general conditions, define terms, provide guidelines, and institute basic principles of the component tests within all components that make up ISO 11452. These guidelines established by ISO 11452 determine the immunity of electronic components of passenger cars and commercial vehicles to electrical disturbances from narrowband radiated electromagnetic energy no matter the vehicle propulsion system.

The following are included components within the ISO 11452 standard:

  • ISO 11452-1 | General principles & terminology
  • ISO 11452-2 | Absorber-lined shielded enclosure
  • ISO 11452-3 | Transverse electromagnetic (TEM) cell
  • ISO 11452-4 | Harness excitation methods
  • ISO 11452-5 | Stripline
  • ISO 11452-7 | Direct radio frequency (RF) power injection
  • ISO 11452-8 | Immunity to magnetic fields
  • ISO 11452-9 | Portable transmitters
  • ISO 11452-10 | Immunity to conducted disturbances in the extended audio frequency range
  • ISO 11452-11 | Reverberation chamber

Avalon Test Equipment carries a variety of equipment to meet ISO 11452 requirements. Rent or purchase from Avalon and Test With Confidence®.

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EM Test Compact NX7 Multifunctional Test Generator

The three-phase coupling/decoupling networks of the coupling NX series are used to couple EFT/Burst-, Surge- and Ring wave pulses on DC-lines or to three-phase (4-wire or 5-wire) mains supply systems for voltages up to 1,000 VDC / 3 x 690 VAC.

EM Test CWS 500N3 Test Generator

Key applications of the CWS 500N3 are in the automotive and aerospace area. Various international standards and MIL requirements call for magnetic field tests in the low frequency range. Apart from this the automotive industry requires conducted immunity tests with superposed sinusoidal signals on the DC supply voltage (ripple noise). For both applications the CWS 500N3 is the perfect equipment including everything in a single box, necessary for these tests. The CWS 500N3 meets requirements of SAE J1113-2, ISO 11452-8, DO 160D/E Section 18 and MIL-STD-461 D/E/F/G CS101, CS109 and RS101.

Teseq ITS 6006B Test System

The ITS 6006 consist of an integrated RF signal generator, RF switch and EUT monitoring interfaces. The unit is designed for various radiated EMC applications in the 80 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range. In addition to the generator, the system includes the AM and PM modulators necessary for EMC testing. The second generation, called ITS 6006B, includes 3 freely configurable pulse modulators (1 µs to 200 s) for radar pulse profiles as required e.g. by Ford FMC1278 or VW TL81000. The RF signal can be switched to one of four outputs, where up to four power amplifiers can be connected directly. Two RF switches are supplied for combining four amplifier into two antenna paths.

Teseq NSG 4070C-80 Compact Immunity Test System

With integrated power amplifier 80 W module 150 kHz–230 MHz

Teseq Strip Line 90 Ω

90 Ω DC–1000 MHz

Teseq NSG 4070C-45 Compact Immunity Test System

Compact immunity test system NSG 4070C, 4 kHz–1 GHz RF generator and power meter (with integrated power amplifier 45 W module 9 kHz–1 GHz)

Teseq CIP 9136A Bulk Current Injection Test Clamp

Wide frequency range 10 kHz - 400 MHz High power handling (up to 1 kW) Ideal for automotive BCI testing e.g. ISO 11452-4, RTCA/DO-160 section 20, MIL-STD-461 and manufacture‘s requirements Meets IEC/EN 61000-4-6 Replacement for CIP 36A & 37A as specified in Defence Standard 59-41

Teseq CBA 1G-070B Broadband Power Amplifier

New, high power density, design has allowed us to produce a 70 W 1 MHz to 1 GHz amplifier in a compact 3U package. With a minimum of 55 W of linear power this amplifier is ideal for RF immunity testing in a GTEM and for 3V/m testing with a wide range of available antenna.

Teseq SL 50 Strip Line

The transversal electromagnetic mode which can be developped in the SL 50 strip line, provides the opportunity for doing EMC testing inside the strip line. The geometrical dimensions having a line impedance of Z = 50 Ω. At the end is required a 50 Ω termination.

Fischer F-52 Current Monitor Probe

Fischer F-52 Current Monitor Probe 10kHz – 500MHz

EM Test CWS 500N1.4 Test Generator

RF Conducted Immunity Test System