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Instruments for Industry

Teseq, under its brand of IFI has been designing and manufacturing RF Amplifiers, Solid State Amplifiers and Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) Amplifiers since 1953. The company continually advances the development of its low power, medium power, high power (HPA), broadband; solid-state and TWT Amplifier products, to offer a high quality range of RF Microwave Amplifiers to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.

With worldwide TWTA and Solid-State Amplifier installations, products for both commercial and military applications, IFI continually proves itself as a leader in providing advanced RF Microwave amplifier transmitter solutions available today.

IFI designs and manufactures a vast array of RF Microwave High Power, RF Microwave Medium Power and RF Microwave Low Power Amplifiers in broadband, wide-band and standard frequency bandwidths. These RF Microwave Amplifiers are used for EMC, EW, laboratory and EMI testing applications worldwide. RF amplifiers types include: TWT (traveling wave tube) Amplifiers, Solid State Amplifiers, CW, Pulse TWTA and Millimeter Amps. Utilizing state of the art technologies like Gallium Nitride amplifier technology (GaN) for use in both our wide band and broadband RF microwave amplifier products.

With over $4 million in rental inventory, Avalon is able to meet a wide range of customer requests while maintaining our quick turnaround standard.

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IFI S2505-1000 Solid State Amplifier

500 MHz–2.5 GHz, 1000 W

IFI SMC1500 Solid State Amplifier

80 MHz–1000 MHz, 1500 W

IFI T188-500 TWT Microwave Power Amplifier

Rent IFI's T188 Series High Power TWT Microwave Power Amplifier T188-500 from Avalon Test Equipment. CW TWT 7.5GHz to 18GHz, 500W

IFI SCCX800 Solid State Amplifier

10 kHz–220 MHz, 800 W

IFI S61-100D-10 Solid State Microwave Power Amplifier

The IFI S61-100D-10 is part of the S61 Series Solid State amplifiers built to withstand rugged handling, constructed with heavy-duty aluminum chassis and a modular approach for easy access and service.

IFI T186-50 CW TWT Microwave Power Amplifier

The T186-50 from the T-50 series of RF Microwave TWT Amplifiers have proven to be the most reliable with proven performance as the best in the industry.

IFI 410 Amplifier

2KW, .01 MHz–220 MHz

IFI T188-250 TWT Microwave Power Amplifier

Rent IFI's T188-250 High Power TWT Microwave Power Amplifier. CW TWT 7.5–18.0GHz, 250 watts

IFI S41-200 Solid State Microwave Power Amplifiers

The IFI S41-200 Solid State amplifiers provide outstanding RF performance operating at a frequency range of 0.8-4.2 GHz and can be supplied at power levels to 200 watts.

IFI T186-300 TWT Microwave Power Amplifier

The IFI T186-300 is part of the T-300 Series of High Power TWT Amplifiers provide outstanding RF performance.

IFI T825-500 TWT Microwave Power Amplifier

The IFI T825-500 is part of the T-500 Series of High Power TWT Microwave Power Amplifiers with a frequency range from 1GHz-18GHz and 500 watts.

IFI SMC500 Solid State Amplifier

IFI RF amplifiers are very conservatively designed to operate below maximum ratings for ruggedness and long term reliability. Sixth generation LDMOS Transistors provide reliable brute power performance at frequencies up to 1000 MHz. IFI RF power amplifiers feature heavy duty individually shielded aluminum housings at the module level. This concept of a shielded modular design minimizes internally produced EMI signal leakage and provides easy access for field service and rapid turnaround at depot level repair facilities.

IFI T62-300 TWT Microwave Power Amplifier

The IFI T62-300 RF Microwave TWT (traveling Wave Tube) Amplifier provides outstanding RF performance. The IFI T62-300 Amplifier incorporate the latest features with respect to control and monitoring. The amplifier is a field proven and reliable amplifier, that offers unsurpassed performance as the best in the industry. 2 - 6 GHz, 300W