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RF Field Strength Probes & Meters

RF field strength probes and meters are essential tools for radio frequency immunity (RFI) testing. They are used together to detect the qualities of the electric field a device or system is emitting and can monitor a specific broadband or frequency range. Field strength monitors are receiving tools that can perform signal analysis during frequency interference and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing. Field probes are typically composed of a dipole antenna, a non-perturbing line of transmission, and an RF detector. During testing, an engineer will hold the antenna and move it around the device under test (DUT) to analyze the strength of the signal and the course of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Avalon carries a variety of RF field strength probes and meters from top manufacturers (Amplifier Research and Narda) to meet your testing requirements. Rent or purchase from Avalon and Test With Confidence®.

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ETS-Lindgren HI-6100 Field Monitor

The ETS-Lindgren HI-6100 Field Monitor is a broadband electric and magnetic field probe monitor designed for use in RFI/EMC test system applications.

ETS-Lindgren HI-6153 Electric Field Probe

The ETS-Lindgren HI-6153 is a laser-powered Electric Field Probe that provides broadband EMF frequency coverage ranging from 10MHz to 40 GHz.

Narda-STS EA 5091 E-Field Probe, Shaped FCC

Narda-STS EA 5091 Probe: E-Field, shaped FCC, 300kHz to 50GHz, 0.5 to 600% of FCC Occupational/Controlled limits for NBM-series meters.

Narda-STS EB 5091 E-Field Probe, Shaped IEEE

Narda-STS EB 5091 Probe: E-Field, shaped IEEE, 3MHz to 50GHz, 0.5 to 600% of IEEE, C95.1-2005 for People in Controlled Environments. For use with NBM-series meters.

Narda-STS EC 5091 E-Field Probe, Shaped SC6 Canada

Narda-STS EC 5091 Probe: E-Field, shaped SC6 Canada, 300kHz to 50GHz, 0.5 to 600% of Safety Code 6 for People in Controlled Environments. For use with NBM-series meters.

Narda-STS ED 5091 E-Field Probe, Shaped ICNIR

Narda-STS ED5091 Probe: E-Field, shaped ICNIRP, 300kHz to 50GHz, 0.5 to 600% of ICNIRP Recommendations for Occupational Exposures. For use with NBM-series meters.

Narda-STS EF0392 E-Field Probe, Flat

Narda EF0391 Probe: E-Field, flat, 100kHz to 3GHz, 0.2 to 320V/m

Narda-STS EF6091 E-Field Probe, Flat

Narda-STS EF6091 Probe: E-Field, flat, 100MHz to 60GHz, 0.7 to 300V/m

Narda-STS HF 3061 H-Field Probe, Flat

Narda-STS HF3061 Probe: H-Field, flat, 300kHz to 30MHz, 0.017 to 16A/m

Narda-STS HF0191 H-Field Probe, Flat

Narda-STS HF0191 Probe: H-Field, flat, 27MHz to 1GHz, 0.026 to 16A/m

Amplifier Research FP7060 E-Field Probe Kit

27 MHz–60GHz, 0.7–300 V/m

Amplifier Research FM7004AM1 Field Monitor

0.4 - 1000V/m, 12.0mA/m - 17A/m