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Fiber Characterization | PMD & CMD Equipment

Fiber Characterization is the process of testing and maintaining the quality and integrity of fiber optic communication networks. Maintaining the quality and integrity of the optical signal transmission is essential for the successful transport of customer traffic on these networks. It is vital to qualify the fiber once the basic parameters (i.e., loss, ORL, etc.) are completed to assure it can successfully handle transporting customer traffic.

Optical testing for polarization-mode dispersion (PMD) and chromatic-mode dispersion (CMD) is imperative at high speeds. When a network is upgraded or newly installed it needs to be characterized to verify the components do not cause bit-error-rate (BER) levels to surpass communication system requirements. PMD is caused by specific physical properties of optical fiber that produces a distortion of optical pulses. This distortion causes the dispersion of optical pulse over time and reduces peak power. CMD occurs when different wavelengths in a light beam arrive at their destination at slightly different times.

Both PMD and CMD can cause throttling or malfunctioning of high-speed fiber optic networks. The use of accurate dispersion analysis equipment ensures successful fiber and overall system performance. PMD and CMD can be measured through PMD and CMD analyzers. These measurements help ensure the successful operation of high-speed optical networks.

Avalon carries the test equipment you need for fiber characterization, PMD, and CMD testing from top manufacturers. Rent from Avalon and Test With Confidence®.

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