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ETS-Lindgren HI-6100 Field Monitor

The ETS-Lindgren HI-6100 Field Monitor is a broadband electric and magnetic field probe monitor designed for use in RFI/EMC test system applications.

ETS-Lindgren HI-6153 Electric Field Probe

The ETS-Lindgren HI-6153 is a laser-powered Electric Field Probe that provides broadband EMF frequency coverage ranging from 10MHz to 40 GHz.

ETS Lindgren HI-6053 Electric Field Probe

ETS-Lindgren's Model HI-6053 is a battery-operated electric field probe that provides broadband frequency coverage and wide dynamic range that satisfies the demands of most test requirements.

SMART™ 200 Reverb Chambers

ETS-Lindgren's SMART™ (Statistical Mode Averaging Reverberation Test-Site) Chambers use the latest developments in proven reverberation technology and experienced chamber design and construction, to create a suitable electromagnetic environment (EME) for immunity, emissions and shielding effectiveness testing.

ETS-Lindgren 7405 E & H Near Field Probe Set

Consists of three loop probes, one stub and one ball probe, an extension handle, an optional battery-powered preamplifier, and a foam-lined carrying case with a manual and application note. The handle of each probe terminates in a BNC connector. Probes are designed to be used with a signal analyzing device such as an oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer. The optional preamplifier is useful when signal amplification is necessary for the analyzing device.

ETS-Lindgren 3147 Log Periodic Dipole Array Antenna

ETS-Lindgren's Model 3147 Log Periodic Dipole Array is primarily designed for use with the FCC Part 15.