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ConcealFab is a privately held Inc. 5000 company headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO. They engineer and manufacture infrastructure mounting and concealment solutions for 4G and 5G deployments as well as products that minimize passive intermodulation (PIM). ConcealFab’s resounding success and rapid growth result from our partnership with Operators, utilities, and multi-billion dollar OEM’s. Their ability to pair engineering ingenuity and manufacturing nimbleness makes us a market leader in the wireless industry. As technology evolves, their team continues to develop innovative solutions that help their customers achieve faster site approval and improve wireless network performance.

ConcealFab Product Guide

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ConcealFab® PIM Shield Cable Support Straps

900443-16-50 (16 inches long, quantity 50) 900443-27-25 (27 inches long, quantity 25)

ConcealFab® PIM Tape

PIM Shield™ tape is a rapidly deployable RF barrier able to bond to a wide variety of surfaces including metals, single ply roofing, multiply roofing, concrete, brick, and wood.

ConcealFab® PIM Blanket

ConcealFab’s PIM blankets are temporary RF barriers that can be deployed to help isolate sources of Passive intermodulation (PIM).

ConcealFab® PIM Probe

The PIM test probe is used in conjunction with other test and measurement equipment to precisely locate external PIM sources in the field. Available from Avalon Test Equipment. Do you need to be trained?

ConcealFab® PIM Shield Cable Support Rail, 12-inch

Pole Mount Kit, 12-inch, 10 per case

ConcealFab® Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench, multiple sizes available. In-stock PIM mitigation materials from Avalon Test Equipment. Test with confidence.®

ConcealFab® PIM Shield Cable Support Base

With large head nut, Qty 10 kits of 10

ConcealFab® PIM Shield Universal Base

Round Member adapter, Qty. 10

ConcealFab® PIM Shield Cable Support Rail, 24-inch

Pole Mount Kit, 24-inch, 10 per case

ConcealFab® PIM Shield Rail Kit, 12-in

12-in extra rail kit, 10 per case

ConcealFab® PIM Shield Rail Kit, 24-IN

24-in extra rail kit, 10 per case