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Chamber Accessories

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Raymond EMC RF Absorbers

Raymond EMC partners with the best manufacturers in the business to deliver a full range of high-performance RF absorbers that meet the most stringent specifications. Their deep experience and technical knowledge ensure that they deliver the best-quality, most efficient products for your requirements.

Raymond EMC Honeycomb Waveguide Vents

Raymond EMC’s honeycomb waveguide vents come in all sizes with brass and steel framing options. Available options include high-performing vents and security bars. These are easily installed in existing enclosures.

Raymond EMC Waveguide Pipe Penetrations

Raymond EMC’s full line of waveguide pipe penetrations enable you to pass a variety of materials into or out of an RF shielded enclosure without compromising the effectiveness of the shielding.

Raymond EMC Bulkhead Panels

Bulkhead panels are used to mount RF connectors and waveguide pipe penetrations without degrading the shielding performance. Raymond EMC manufactures them primarily from brass in multiple sizes.

Raymond EMC Feedthroughs

Raymond EMC offers a complete line of feedthroughs for passing radio frequencies and data through shielded enclosures.

Raymond EMC Filters

Raymond EMC’s powerline filters and signal filters range from 0.5 amp to 600 amp, and can be used with all our products.