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9 kHz–1 GHz

Avalon Test Equipment carries a wide variety of RF amplifiers from top manufacturers (IFITeseq, and more) to satisfy a frequency requirement of 9 kHz to 1 GHz. Contact us with your specific requirements and Test With Confidence®.

RF power amplifiers are used to simulate interactions between a device and electromagnetic fields it can encounter in real-life circumstances. These tests are done by boosting RF signals and demonstrate whether electromagnetic interference (EMI) will occur. To effectively simulate specific electromagnetic field conditions for EMC standards, RF power amplifiers need to amplify over a specific frequency range, power output, power efficiency, gain, and linearity. Most electronic devices, including cell phones and radios, can produce EMI and cause signal interference or damage to the device.

9 kHz-1 GHz RF Amplifier Test Standards

 MIL STD 461, ISO 11452-4IEC 61000-4-6

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Rohde & Schwarz BBA150 Broadband Amplifier

Excellent amplifiers from 4 kHz to 6 GHz with high power density

IFI SMC1500 Solid State Amplifier

80 MHz–1000 MHz, 1500 W

IFI SCCX800 Solid State Amplifier

10 kHz–220 MHz, 800 W

IFI SCCX500 RF Power Amplifier

10 kHz–230 MHz, 500 W

Teseq CBA 400M-110 Broadband Amplifier

The Teseq CBA 400M-110 Broadband Amplifier; 10 KHz to 400 MHz, 110 Watt

Teseq CBA 250M-2500 Broadband Amplifier

This low frequency amplifier can be used in conjunction with other amplifiers from the Teseq range to cover the entire frequency range from 10 kHz to 40 GHz with convenient frequency break points allowing you to optimise the power level in each range.

IFI ML100 RF Power Amplifier

10kHz–100MHz, 100W

IFI SMIV500 Solid State Amplifier

400 MHz to 1000 MHz, 500 W

AE Techron 7224 Linear Power Amplifier

60 kHz–300 kHz, 1000 Watts, 900-VA, DC-enabled

IFI M880 RF Power Amplifier

10kHz–200MHz, 2kW/15kW Pulsed

IFI 410 Amplifier

2KW, .01 MHz–220 MHz