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Oscilloscopes 3 GHz–8 GHz

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Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 510 Oscilloscope

The Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 510 combines the MAUI with OneTouch user interface with powerful waveform processing, in addition to advanced math, measurement, and debug tools, to quickly analyze and find the root cause of problems.

Keysight DSOX6004A Oscilloscope

1 GHz - 6 GHz, 4 Analog Channels

Keysight MSOS404A High-Definition Oscilloscope

4 GHz, 4 Analog Plus 16 Digital Channels

Teledyne LeCroy WAVEJET314A Oscilloscope

The Teledyne LeCroy WaveJet 314A Oscilloscope 100 MHz, 4 Ch, 2 GS/s provides the banner specifications, feature set and user interface to simplify how you work and shorten debug time. With a big, bright 7.5” display, long 500 kpts/Ch memory and up to 2 GS/s you will easily capture and see every detail of your waveform.

Keysight MSOS604A High-Definition Oscilloscope

6 GHz, 4 Analog Plus 16 Digital Channels